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How much you like working with Postbacks?

Will you consider a pro on Server 2 Server?

We will find it out sooner or later :).

Let’s get started, we need to run some campaigns and there’s no time to loose here. On the Menu side > SETTINGS you will find your LandingTrack Postback (S2S).

We have 2 types of Postbacks

1- Server to Server (S2S) Most common use.

2- Notification Script (This is the one to be use when you own the HTML and need to notify LandingTrack about a conversion) — CHECK HERE.

Checking the most common one for affiliates running with Aff Networks. Just select your domain and then copy the outcome postback.

If you work with Post_events, you can select also the type you need to be notified and then share it with your Aff network. Remember to enable it on Aff Network section under Post_events.

Finally, you can copy the Postback with your event and share it with your advertiser.

Remember! If you work with post_events, you will need to enable those under Aff Network Profile → section Post_events

Now it is the work for your advertiser. They will need to replace your TOKENS

{clickid} → by its own

{payout} → by its own.

Check out how to generate a Testlink for your Advertiser

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

The Notification Script is for those who need to track a Sale, lead etc.. on its HTML. Select None or Install or Sale depending on what you have to track.

Check out how to implement our Script here

We are done for the moment with the postback side, any doubt you know, keep reading or reach out to our team.

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How to check all your postbacks?

Postbacks is a golden key for each tracker and you should know all the information regarding this part.

On the menu side > STATS go for the TAB POSTBACKS. You will see all the conversions happening on your LandingTrack Account.

You can click on the ClickID to see more detailed information about the conversion.

On the column Reqs, click on any of the folder Details, you can check the whole trace of your conversion and also information about your Postback was sent to your Affiliate/Publisher.

On the column Details you will see in a glance if you did send the postback to your affiliate/publisher and if they have accepted or not. Click on the number to check the status.

Finally, if you need to filter for a specific day or by status just click on the Filter button and select the option.

Status: will show to you all unable ones — those that LandingTrack could not process or could not deliver to your affiliate/source.

Arrival Status: this is actually the response of your affiliate/source server to LandingTrack. Which means if they have:

  • Success: 200 OK, all fine.
  • Missed: 301, 302 errors that you might have to check with them to verify if they have accepted or not.

What if your affiliate/publisher need some logs? Nothing to worry about, click on the CSV button and download it.

You can be 100% sure what is going on every transaction on LandingTrack, how the postback was received, and how it was delivered, even how the response from your affiliate server was.

— END —

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