RUNative & LandingTrack. Start automating your Native Campaigns.

Thinking about starting automating all your Native Campaigns with LandingTrack and RUNative?

The power of automation between RUNative and LandingTrack will boost your daily activity, increase your CTR, save time and definitely money.

Automation has come to help all of us to be more efficient in our daily work. Bots are actually made to help us, to do the hard task and make our work easier. The integration between RUNative and LandingTrack will definitely make a difference in your Native Campaigns.

Who is RUNative?

RUNative is a self-service ad network for publishers and advertisers serving over a billion ad impressions a day on a worldwide coverage for Native and Push Notification. RUNative’s inventory is the perfect match for such verticals as casual dating, gaming and nutra

STEP 1 — Adding RUNAtive as Traffic Source

Go to Traffic Source Tab and select >New traffic Source; from the Menu on your right side select the option >Integrated DSPs, from the list displayed select > RUNative. In order to connect with them, you will need a total of 4 fields to be filled.

1- Your RUNative Email address

2- Your RUNative Password

3- Client ID

4- Client Secret

We can easily find those last 2 points on your RUNative Account. Once you have log in click on > Advertisers and select the option: Tracking & API

Scroll down until the button and you will see those 2 points RUNative will be asking you to connect with the:

3- Client ID

4- Client Secret

Just copy those and paste them back on LandingTrack

Now we have all the information need it so we just need to fill the fields.

1- User: Your RUNative email access

2- Password: Your RUNative password access.

3- Client: Your RUNative Client ID

4- Secret: Your RUNative Client Secret

Fill and fill

After click on the button > Connect we have an extra step — Check API , click on it.

The slide-out will show to you your credentials, check them and if all looks good click on orange button> Check API

Green Check¡means we are fully Integrated with RUNative and we can start automating all your Campaigns but, We will suggest you add some more steps like — Tokens and Postback

We are about to set up some extra Tokens for RUNative URL. To do so we just need to click on the button > Edit and from the slideout select the option > URL Tokens.

Each time you want to generate a URL for RUNative we will be provided to you by default the following URL:


  • source={adspot_id}Ad spot ID
  • bid={cost} CPM price, CPC price, etc…
  • pid={click_id} Randomly generated unique click id used for s2s tracking
  • cmp={campaign_id}— Campaign ID
  • keyword={keywords} Keywords collected

So if you need to add some extra Tokens to get more details from your visits you can have a look here:

1.1 — Adding some Extra Tokens:

I am sure you are familiar with RUNative Tokens but it is always good to show /explain them here for you:

  1. {campaign}Campaign Name
  2. {creative_id} — Creative ID
  3. {device_type} Device type
  4. {device_type_id}Device type ID
  5. {os} Operating System
  6. {os_id} Operating System ID
  7. {browser}Browser
  8. {browser_id}Browser ID
  9. {referrer}Referrer
  10. {site_id} Site ID
  11. {category}Categories detected
  12. {category_id}Category ID
  13. {carrier}Сarrier
  14. {carrier_id} Carrier ID
  15. {geo} 2-char country code
  16. {lang} 2-char language code
  17. {format_id}Creative format ID
  18. {format}Creative format WIDTHxHIGHT for banners (315x300, 300x250, etc) and name for other, for example: Popunder, Mobile Popunder
  19. {pricing_model} CPM, CPC, etc
  20. {site_host} Site URL
  21. {ecpc} ECPC
  22. {adspot_name}Ad spot name{x}Locate clicks on hosted banners{y}Locate clicks on hosted banners

How do I add them? simply choose the Parameter and Token and click on the> + button to add them to your URL.

Do not forget to save.

1.2 — Postback (Optional):

We are missing only one thing to finish the full integration with RUNative, adding their postback :{yourclickid}

Remember to replace their Tokens for the LandingTrack ones:

. {yourclickid}={{PID}}

You can Copy the following Postback and place it on > Outgoing Postback:{{PID}}

Replace RUNative Tokens by the LandingTrack ones and SAVE.

And that’s all, remember to SAVE after all your changes.

STEP 2 — Creating a campaign (Dimension) on LandingTrack

Remember you have three different ways to create a dimension.

1- From an existing Flow see how

2- From Menu Offerssee how

3- From Dimension Menu: see bellow

Click on button > New Dimension

You will be redirected to our Dimension creator.

First, we will recommend you to click on the pencil right bellow the bucket to add your Campaign Name, at the same time you will see displayed all your offers with the name and status (right side), click on the left arrow button to add them to your Dimension.

As you can see, now we have added two offer on our dimension and if we like to add more we just need to click on the left arrow next to the offer “Play Sweeptakes US_cpa”

You will be redirected to its profile:

Want to know everything About Dimensions? see full guide HERE

Dimension: Configuration Options:

See full guide HERE

Dimension: Traffic Sources Section:

See full guide HERE

Get Campaign URL:

Optimization Rules:

As you may know already, LandingTrack can optimize the traffic base on different rules, here its when automation comes into action :

— Campaign Optimization Rules.

You can always check our guide — to refresh the concept.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Getting the URL for RUNative:

Click on button > Add and select RUNative as your traffic source. Copy the FULL name and URL we provide you with:

STEP 3— Creating a campaign on RUNative

Let's login into your RUNative Account and go straight to +CREATE CAMPAIGN button.

The next will be will present to you all the different steps and target for your new Campaign;

Settings: IMPORTANT — use LandingTrack DImension name here. Then choose your Ad format: Native or Push. Select your COuntry and your Ad group.

Next —

Targeting: Select your Language, your Devices and OS, Browser if it's need it and Carrier. Check that RUNative has a cool option to Target by IP ranges. And you have them all in LandingTRack ;)


Scheduling: Which day and time should we start the Campaign?

Next again —

Audience: Time to be picky or go for all — Add your white/blacklist here.

Next —

Pricing: choose between CPM and CPC — be wise and run a few tests to find the right bid.

Almost finish¡

Click on UPLOAD button — pick your ads and add your Brand Name -Headline and Campaign URL.

Click SAVE to finish

After saving the Campaign just wait for approval (usually takes a few minutes as the bid is being placed), so back on LandingTrack let’s sync the new campaign.

Go to Traffic Sources, Menu entry and click on RUNatives name and then> Refresh button (this action is literally calling RUNative API to look for your All your Campaigns)

Are you back from the Coffee break? Look:

This will be your next view for the Dimension Profile:

Everything has been set up already, our advice — Chill, relax and wait for the traffic to start.

These are the benefits of automation and how it can help your daily activity.

— END —

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