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Reflex Affiliates is an internationally renowned affiliation platform providing exclusive campaigns from top converting verticals such as dating, gaming, finance, nutra and home improvements.

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Adding Reflex Affiliates on LandingTrack

Now that we are sure we will be getting all the conversions we can move on with Reflex Affiliates integration. To do so, login into your LandingTrack Account and click on > Affiliate Networks > +Activate a new Network

From the list below, select Reflex Affiliates.

In order to connect with them you need to add :

1- Your API KEY (Check below where to find it)

Getting the API Key:

Although we have seen it before, just in case. Ask your AM to get you access first in case you do not see it or log in to your Reflex Affiliates Account and click on >Tools > then select API’s to see if it enabled:

Copy your API Key and let’s go back to LandingTrack

Then click on Activate and you will see the following information, just click on check api.

Once you have confirmed you should see the Green check

And that’s all.

Before starting getting/importing offers we will recommend you to set up your postback

Setting up your Postback:

No postback = No money on your tracker.

Let’s quickly check again how to get your LandingTrack postback.

On menu side > Settings, just select your domain and the Postback created will be the one to add on Reflex Affiliates panel.

Once you have generated you just need to get in touch with your Account Manager and share it. They will take care of the implementation.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Upload Reflex Affiliates offers on LandingTrack

We just need to click on Reflex Affiliates name to access it’s the profile:

In case you do not see offers yet this could be the reason

1- You do not have any offer approved yet > check with you Reflex Affiliates AM.

2- Just click on the button > Update Offers to force LandingTrack to check your approved ones.

Tick the ones you would like to import and select the Actions button, then Import > Before import then you might want to tick the box “Enable auto Activate” so LandingTrack in case the offers got pause will activate once they become active again.

Once you Import them all the offers will appear on your Offers section > Menu side > Offers

How do we create a campaign for our new offers?

Just tick the one/s you would like to send traffic to:

Once you click on “Create Dimension” you will be redirected to your Dimension Profile, ready to start your campaign

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