PushGround & LandingTrack. Start automating your Push Campaigns.

Thinking about starting automating all your Push and Native Campaigns with LandingTrack and PushGround?

The power of automation between PushGround and LandingTrack will boost your daily activity, increase your CTR, save time, and definitely money.

Automation has come to help all of us to be more efficient in our daily work. Bots are actually made to help us, to do the hard task, and make our work easier. The integration between PushGround and LandingTrack will definitely make a difference in your Push Campaigns.

STEP 1 — Adding PushGround as Traffic Source

Go to Traffic Source Tab and click on > +Connect new Source; from the list of options select > Integrated DSPs

Look for PushGround. In order to connect with them, you will need to fill 2 fields

  • Your PushGround user
  • Your PushGround Password

Once you see the Green Check means we are fully Integrated with PushGround and we can start automating all your Campaigns but, We will suggest you add some more steps like →Additional Campaign Tokens and Notification Postback

We are about to set up some extra Tokens for PushGround URL. To do so we just need to click on the button > Edit and from the slideout select the option > URL Tokens.

Each time you want to generate a URL for PushGround we will be provided to you by default the following URL:


  • source={site_id}
  • pid={clicki_id}
  • cmp={campaign_id}
  • b={creativity_id}
  • bid={bid}

1.2 — Postback (Optional):

We are missing only one thing to finish the full integration with PushGround, adding their postback :

You will find their postback once you start creating a Campaign on their Dashboard.

Remember to replace their {Tokens} for the LandingTrack ones:

. {your_extenal_id_paramater} by {{PID}}

. {payout} by {{PAYOUT}}

You can Copy the following Postback and place it on > Outgoing Postback:


STEP 2 — Creating a campaign (Dimension) on LandingTrack

Remember you have three different ways to create a dimension.

1- From an existing FLow — see how

2- From Menu side > Offer — see how

3- From Dimension Menu: see bellow

Click on button > New Dimension

You will be redirected to our Dimension creator.

First, we will recommend you to click on the pencil right bellow the bucket to add your Campaign Name, at the same time you will see displayed all your offers with the name and status (right side), click on the left arrow button to add them to your Dimension.

As you can see, now we have added two offer on our dimension and if we like to add more we just need to click on the left arrow next to the offer “Play Sweepstakes US_cpa”

You will be redirected to its profile:

Want to know everything About Dimensions? see full guide HERE

— Dimension Configuration Options:

See full guide HERE

— Dimension Traffic Sources Section:

See full guide HERE

— Get Campaign URL:

— Optimization Rules:

As you may know already, LandingTrack can optimize the traffic base on different rules, here its when automation comes into action :

You can always check our guide here — to refresh the concept.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

— Getting the URL for PushGround:

Click on button > + Add Campaign and select PushGround as your traffic source, then select your Domain and your Traffic Segment; Finally, copy the name and URL we provide you with:

IMPORTANT: Copy the Full name that we provide you with and the Full URL:

STEP 3 — Creating a campaign on PushGround

I guess the first thing to do here will be logging into your PushGround Account so, let’s do it!

Then click on button + Create Campaign.

We Must use LandingTrack name — no other — only the one we provide you with and also the Campaign URL we provide you with.

Right after that > PushGround postback! there it goes, now you can set it up on your LandingTrack Account — REMEMBER: Traffic Source > PushGround edit button Outgoing Postback.

Then select your Category.

Time for our Creatives.

Perhaps you should know that PushGround allows you to upload several creativities per CAMPAIGN.

Once you finish your creative part, let’s move to the targeting, to set up our Country — Regions — Cities — Languages — Device — OS — Network type and Carriers

Watch the Advance targeting if you need more.

Frequency Caps meaning — how many times would you PushGround showing your ad to the same user?

If its the first time you run with PushGround Traffic no need to add white or blacklist. This can be done on future campaigns if you need it.

For Future Campaign ;) Remember you can do it on PushGround Platform or…..

On LandingTrack Dimension:

Watch the video:

Once you have finished your popcorns we can keep on with the Campaign.

This time you can select the Campaign Reach and also the Audience.

If there’s no-bid you will barely get traffic so, set up the recommended bid, lower it, even higher is up to you.

Once you click on SAVE CAMPAIGN there’s no way back _ Kidding_ you can always go back and modify your campaign.

Copy the Campaign ID that PushGround has generated for your Campaign

Back on LandingTrack, on your new magnificent Dimension we will sync the Campaign just clicking on button > Sync — Look for PushGround and then Paste the Campaign ID.


Everything has been set up already, our advice — Chill, relax and wait for the traffic to start.

These are the benefits of automation and how it can help your daily activity.

¿What are you waiting to automate your PushGround Campaigns with LandingTrack?

— END —

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