PopAds & LandingTrack. Start automating your Campaigns.

Thinking about starting automating all your Campaigns with LandingTrack and PopAds?

The power of automation between PopAds and LandingTrack will boost your daily activity, increase your CTR, save time and definitely money.

Automation has come to help all of us to be more efficient in our daily work. Bots are actually made to help us, to do the hard task and make our work easier. The integration between PopAds and LandingTrack will definitely make a difference in your Marketing Campaigns.

STEP 1 — PopAds Account Panel

If you are reading this you should be already login into your PopAds Account, so follow me in order to do this integration:

1 Whitelisting your IP address in PopAds Account

Go to your Account Manager Section and click on > Security

Go to your Account Manager Section > Security

Select IP white list option:

Add your LandingTrack IP Server in order to let PopAds know we are a Trustful user.

Add your LandingTrack IP Server and Save

2 — Getting the API Key:

Go to your Account Manager Section and click on > API Keys

Click on > API Keys

Copy your Key and paste it on your PopAds Credentials filed on LandingTrack

Reveal your API Key, Copy and Paste it on your PopAds credential field on LandingTrack.

STEP 2— Adding PopAds as Traffic Source

Go to Traffic Source Tab and select >Connect New Source, then > Integrated DSPs and select from the list PopAds and fill the gasp with the information required.

Just add your API Key in the First field and for the second one: Your PopAds user:password. Example: hellopopads@gmail.com:secretpass

Save your PopAds credentials and click on Test API and get fully integrated

Click on Check API to sync both Accounts.

Green Check¡means we are fully Integrated with PopAds and we can start automating all your Campaigns but, We will suggest you add some more steps like — URL Tokens and Outgoing Postback

Now that we are synchronized with PopAds let’s have a look on > Edit button.

The following Parameters and Tokens will be provided by default for each PopAds URL :

  • source=[WEBSITEID] — ID of the website that was source of the popunder,
  • bid=[BID] — price of the impression.
  • pid=[IMPRESSIONID] — Unique conversion ID
  • cmp=[CAMPAIGNID] — ID of campaign,
  • keyword=[CATEGORYID] — ID of the category of traffic source website,

So if you need to add some extra Tokens to get more details from your visits you can have a look here:

1.2 — Adding some Extra Tokens:

I am sure you are familiar with PopAds Tokens but it is always good to show /explain them here for you:

  • [CATEGORYNAME] — Name of the category of traffic source website,
  • [ISPNAME] — Name of ISP of the visitor,
  • [COUNTRY] — country of the visitor.
  • [QUALITY] — Quality score of the website from which the impression originated. It is a number, from 1 to 10, where 1 means the lowest quality website (All websites) and 10 means the highest quality website (top 10% of our publisher websites),
  • [SCREENRESOLUTION] — Detected screen resolution of the visitor,
  • [OSNAME] — Operating System name, for example, Windows 8.1,
  • [BROWSERNAME] — Browser name, for example, Firefox 32,
  • [FORMFACTORNAME] — Form factor name, for example, Smartphone or Tablet,
  • [DEVICENAME] — Name of the device that visitor uses to browse the Internet, for example, Apple iPhone,
  • [CAMPAIGNNAME] — Name of the campaign,
  • [OSID] — ID of Operating System (for future use),
  • [BROWSERID] — ID of Browser (for future use),
  • [FORMFACTORID] — ID of Form Factor (for future use),
  • [DEVICEID] — ID of Device (for future use),
  • [IMPRESSIONID] — unique ID of the impression. This can be used for troubleshooting/debugging process in case of traffic mistargeting as well as for conversion tracking (S2S).
  • [ADBLOCK] — is set to 1 when visitor uses AdBlock or 0 otherwise,
  • [LANG] — value of Accept-Language header of the visitors (used for XML feeds).

Back into your LandingTrack Account Click on >Traffic Sources Tab>button Edit for PopAds> Params section:

Adding Extra Tokens to your URL’s, do not forget to save after adding them.

1.3 — Postback (Optional):

We are missing only one thing to finish the full integration with PopAds, adding their postback :


Remember to replace their Tokens for the LandingTrack ones:

. impressionId by {{PID}}

. value by {{PAYOUT}}

Replace PopAds Tokens by the LandingTrack ones and SAVE.

STEP 3— Creating a campaign (Dimension) on LandingTrack

Remember you have three different ways to create a dimension.

1- From an existing Flow see how

2- From Menu Offerssee how

3- From Dimension Menu: see bellow

Click on button > New Dimension

You will be redirected to our Dimension creator.

First, we will recommend you to click on the pencil right bellow the bucket to add your Campaign Name, at the same time you will see displayed all your offers with the name and status (right side), click on the left arrow button to add them to your Dimension.

As you can see, now we have added two offer on our dimension and if we like to add more we just need to click on the left arrow next to the offer “Play Sweeptakes US_cpa”

You will be redirected to its profile:

Want to know everything About Dimensions? see full guide HERE

Dimension: Configuration Options:

See full guide HERE

Dimension: Traffic Sources Section:

See full guide HERE

Get Campaign URL:

Optimization Rules:

As you may know already, LandingTrack can optimize the traffic base on different rules, here its when automation comes into action :

— Campaign Optimization Rules.

You can always check our guide — to refresh the concept.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Getting the URL for PopAds

Click on button > Add and select PopAds as your traffic source. Copy the name and URL we provide you with:

Copy the Name and URL we provide to you and paste them on PopAds Campaign fields.

STEP 4— Creating a campaign on PopAds

With PopAds we can create a single type of campaign in terms of traffic :

  1. Pop : Pop Under — Popup — Tabunder(Chrome Only) — Tabup.

Go to your PopAds account and create the campaign based on the target you need and do not forget to add the LandingTrack name provided for the Campaign and the URL:

Do not forget to add the name and URL we provide you with.

After saving the Campaign just wait for its approval on the meantime let me show to you how to speed up the synchronization with PopAds. Go back to LandingTrack and click on> Traffic Sources, click on PopAds name and then the button> Refresh

As soon as it finishes the operation you will see the full list of campaign sync between PopAds and LandingTrack

Back on your Dimension Profile, you will see the next view :

A dimension ca run only once with the traffic source

Everything has been set up already, our advice — Chill, relax and wait for the traffic to start.

These are the benefits of automation and how it can help your daily activity.

— END —

Other interesting chapters to be read:

— Traffic Sources to work with Automation

— How to transfer your Campaign on LandingTrack

— Integrated Affiliate Networks.

— Integrating Non-Existing Traffic Sources/ Affiliates.

— Adding Offers & Creating Dimensions.

— Creating a Dimension.

— Dimension Overview

— Campaign Optimization Rules.

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— Creating your Flows.

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— How to track sales on your Lander / HTML

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— Working with several platforms? This is your tool!!




One Platform, One Solution. The New Generation AI-Tracking System for media buying.

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One Platform, One Solution. The New Generation AI-Tracking System for media buying.

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