LandingTrack — Optimization Rules

We think that for this special section we should only talk about rules.

LandingTrack is automation, the first Tracking system that can track and automatize all the Traffic you buy from our API partners. It is time that our bots might start to help you with your daily activity.

1 — Pausing Campaigns

Every time you create a Dimension we should check the daily budget so we will not overspend more than the necessary. On Dimension > Profile we can find our PAUSING Campaigns Rules by clicking on > Optimization Rules:

One of the first options LandingTrack can offer to you is: Re-activating a Campaign that has been paused for any reason, right the next day; In order to activate that function you just need to check the box next to — Activate campaign next day.

Right after that we always recommend you to set up a Global Budget and a Daily one.

Pause Campaigns:

This configuration will affect API DSP campaigns individually.
  • Global Negative Profit:

Example: pause completely the traffic source that has lost a total of 50$ for a specific campaign/dimension and per DSP. If you are connected to 4 DSP and all of them got paused it will mean you have lost a total of 200$

  • Negative Profit per Day:

Example: pause the traffic source that has lost 10$ Today for a specific campaign/dimension and per DSP.” if you have connected 4 DSP and all got paused the same day will mean you have lost a total of 40$ for today.

  • Negative Profit per Hour:

Example: pause the traffic source that has lost 10$ in the last hour for this specific campaign/dimension and per DSP. if you have connected 4 DSP and all got paused within the next hour will mean you have lost a total of 40$ in the last hour.

Pause Campaigns Rules:

You can add by Hours or Days as many as you need.

Time frame:

For this example LandingTrack will automate your time; Activating the Campaign at 5:00 AM and pausing it at 6:00 PM.

1 — Blocking Source and Banners

On this TAB we will find all the optimization rules to block those non-converting sources or banners. Automation the great advantage here, meanwhile our bots will be executing your orders you can keep the focus on other stuff.

Click on the button> Create a new Ruleset

Write your rule name and select Sources.

We want to create a rule to avoid overspend on those sources that did not bring a conversion:

Note: the rule is Disable → You need to activate it.

If my cost is 0.4 per source and it did not make any conversion (lead) then → BLOCK.

Once you are sure that the rule is correct, click on Config button to mark it as Enable.

Now your rule will be applied automatically:

If you prefer to measure your activity by clicks:

Pretty easy ¿right?

Remember you are the one who knows which value should be in the place.


We just seen how to avoid losing money on non-converting sources but, more important than that is how to keep our profit.

We just add a new rule →If I have made a conversion BUT my revenue is less than 135% of my cost the BLOCK.

Fo this clear example the source-1225229 has made 10 conversions already BUT the Revenue generate is less than 135% of my cost so LandingTrack has BLOCKED. 135% of 2.88$ = 3,88$ and this is less than 4$ revenue.

Now is time for you to keep playing with rules, finding the right spots and making the most of it.

Once again automation is the key to affiliate marketing.

— END —

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