Mobusi — LandingTrack Integration

The best thing about integrations: you do once and you forget about it.

For this episode, we will review how to connect and integrate Mobusi Affiliate Network with LandingTrack

Step 1. Setting up your Postback:

The first thing we need to do for the integration is being sure our postback has been set on the Advertiser Account, for this case: Mobusi. To do so let’s go to the Menu click on > Settings and copy your S2S Postback

Copy your Postback and replace {yourdomain} by the domain you add into your Account

This is your S2S Postback: http://{domain}/postback.php?sid={clickid}&payout={payout} — Just replace {domain} by the one you have added into your Account.


Your clickid Parameter is sid=

Your payout Parameter is payout=

Step 2. Adding your S2S Postback into your Mobusi Account:

Basically, we cannot do it from our Affiliate Account so better if you share it with your AM.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Step 3. Adding Mobusi Affiliate Network

Now that we are sure we will be getting all the conversions we can move on with Mobusi integration. To do so, login into your LandingTrack Account and click on > Affiliate Networks > +Activate a new Network

Pretty Simple

Select from the Partner List Mobusi and add on User field your Mobusi IDUSER and for the APIKey field your Mobusi API Key:

Almost finished

Do not know where to find your Mobusi credentials?

Step 4. Getting the API Key:

It is quite probable that you need to ask your AM first to give you access. Log in to your Mobusi Account and go to>Account Details > General Information:

Copy your IDUSER and API KEY

Right after adding your Credentials click on>Save and click on> Check API to synchronize your LandingTrack Account with your Mobusi one.

Check and Sync

Green check! we are now totally integrated with Mobusi, to check our offers click on > Mobusi name

The Green check guarantees you that the connection was successful.

After clicking on Mobusi name we will have an intermediate step, by clicking on > Check available offers we will be redirected to their market place.

The following steps can be checked here: Click

— END —

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