AdRight & LandingTrack. Start automating your Campaigns.

Thinking about starting automating all your Campaign with LandingTrack and AdRight?

The power of automation between AdRight and LandingTrack will boost your daily activity, increase your CTR, save time and definitely money.

Automation has come to help all of us to be more efficient in our daily work. Bots are actually made to help us, to do the hard task and make our work easier. The integration between AdRight and LandingTrack will definitely make a difference in your Marketing Campaigns.

Who is AdRight?

AdRight is an innovative online advertising network that focuses on delivering the best in-class results to our Partners. Our strategy is simple. We put great people together to create an equally great product.

Here at AdRight we deliver cutting edge online advertising technology to leading brand and performance advertisers. Whether you want to elevate brand awareness or to drive conversions, AdRight has the perfect tailor-made solution for you.

The available ad-formats are

1- Push Notification.

2- Pop

3- CPC

STEP 1 — Adding AdRight as Traffic Source

Go to Traffic Source, Menu side and click on > +Connect new Source; from the list of options select > Integrated DPSd

From the list displayed look for AdRight. In order to connect with them, you will need to provide only two fields.

1- User: Your AdRight login

2- Password: Your AdRight Password

Just add your AdRight users and password to connect with.

After click on the button > Connect we have an extra step — Check API, click on it.

The slide out will show to you your credentials, check them and if all looks good click on orange button> Check API

Green Check¡means we are fully Integrated with AdRight but, We will suggest you add some more steps like — URL Tokens and Outgoing Postback

Now that we are synchronized with AdRight, let’s have a look on > Edit button.

The following Parameters and Tokens will be provided by default for each AdRight URL :

  • source={pubfeed}.{original_subid} — Publisher Feed ID & Source subid (those are the ones need it in order to track the siteid)
  • bid={bid} — The cost of the visit (how much you pay for a click)
  • pid={conversion} — The unique ID used for conversion tracking
  • cmp={campaign} — Campaign ID, as registered in their system
  • keyword={keyword} — Keyword matched on campaign

So if you need to add some extra Tokens to get more details from your visits you can have a look here:

1.1 — Adding some Extra Tokens:

I am sure you are familiar with AdRight Tokens but it is always good to show /explain them here for you:

  1. {aa} — Required for Event Tracking
  2. {banner} — Ad ID
  3. {carrier} — Visitor’s ISP
  4. {city} — Visitor’s city
  5. {country} — Two-letter visitor’s country (ISO 3166–2)
  6. {ga} — Required for Google Analytics statistics
  7. {offer} — Offer ID
  8. {os} — Operation system
  9. {pubpoint} — Publisher point id
  10. {pubzone} — Publisher zone id
  11. {query} — Keyword sent by publisher
  12. {referrer} — Referrer URL (urlencoded)
  13. {referrer_domain} — Referrer domain
  14. {remfeed} — Remote Feed ID
  15. {search_referrer_domain} — Search referrer domain
  16. {state} — Visitor’s state
  17. {subid} — Publisher Feed subID
  18. {zip} — Visitor’s postal code (if available)

Back into your LandingTrack Account Click on >Traffic Sources Tab>button Edit for AdRight> Params section:

Adding Extra Tokens for your URL’s, do not forget to save after adding them.

1.2 — Postback (Optional):

With AdRight we can use two different postbacks. One to track single conversions and another one to track post-events. Will show you how to set them up both :

1.Postback integration — Single conversion:[TOKEN]&count=1&value=1

Remember to replace their Tokens for the LandingTrack ones:

. [TOKEN] by{{PID}}

Copy/Paste this postback into your LandingTrack Account:{{PID}}&count=1&value=1

2. Postback integration — Multiple conversions (Post-events)

This your global Postback to notify AdRight Post-events:{conversion}&count={count}&value={value}


  1. id — Current goal Id

2. c — Click Id used for conversion tracking

3. count — Number of conversions (optional, default value = 1)

4. value — Conversion value (optional, default value = 0)

STEP 2 — Creating a campaign (Dimension) on LandingTrack

Go to Offers menu side and select the Active offer/s you want to send traffic to by clicking on the checkbox. Remember that you can select one or multiple ones

Select an Offer by clicking on its avatar

Once you have selected the ones you want to run click on> Actions button and then create a dimension. You will be redirected to its profile.

Easy, select and the > Actions + Create

You will be redirected to its profile:

Want to know everything About Dimensions? see full guide HERE

— Dimension Configuration Options:

See full guide HERE

— Dimension Traffic Sources Section:

See full guide HERE

— Get Campaign URL:

— Optimization Rules:

As you may know, already LandingTrack can optimize the traffic base on :

You can always check our guide here — to refresh the concept.

Step 3 — Getting the URL for AdRight:

Click on button > + Add Campaign and select AdRight as your traffic source, then select your Domain and your Traffic Segment; Finally, copy the name and URL we provide you with:

IMPORTANT: Copy the Full name that we provide you with and the Full URL:

REMEMBER: Use the Dimension name on AdRight Campaign Name and LandingTrack URL for the Campaign URL.

STEP 4 — Creating a campaign on AdRight

With AdRight we can create 3 different types of campaigns in term of traffic

  • Push Notification.
  • Pop.
  • CPC

We will explain Pop and Push

  1. Pop & Push

In terms of AdRight interface Pop and Push campaigns creation are exactly the same, the only difference found it will be on step — adding your advertising materials — Where Pop will require only your Campaign URL meanwhile Push will required: Image + Text and Campaign URL.

Go to your AdRight account and create the campaign based on the target you need, we will show to you how to add a push campaign. Do not forget to add the LandingTrack name provided for the Campaign and the URL:

Do not forget to add the name and URL we provide you with.

Add your targets wisely and for the final step: Add your images, Title, and Description for the campaign and do not forget to add your LandingTrack URL.

After saving the Campaign just wait for its approval (usually takes a few minutes), copy the Campaign ID provided by AdRight and come back to LandingTrack

Copy the ID of your campaign

Go to your Dimension Profile and sync the campaign with AdRight:

Sync AdRight Campaign ID with your Dimension

This will be your next view :


Everything has been set up already, our advice — Chill, relax and wait for the traffic to start.

— END —

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