LandingTrack — How to generate a Testlink for your Advertiser

We all agree that postbacks are not easy to understand and to work with but, we do believe that after this post you will see all much clear.

Tokens VS Parameters

Every Postback /URL must contain a Parameter and a Token.

Parameter: always a fix value, example: &pid= &payout= &cid=

Token: Mostly dynamic values, example: {clickid} — {payout} — #s2#


On the Menu entry click on > Dimension > and click on the one you would like to generate a Testlink for your Advertiser. Once on its profile click on> Test Postback

Check the slide out on your right side of the screen and follow the steps.

Once you have selected your Domain and press the button > Send, LandingTrack will be generating a valid visit for your Advertiser.

In case your Advertiser did not get the visit, simple copy the clickid from the Point 3 (screenshot) and share it with him so they can fire your postback.

Got the lead? Then nothing can't stop you to start making conversions.

— END —

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