LandingTrack — Campaign Overview

For this example, we have added four different offers.

1- Profile


1.1 Edit Button

  • Name of the Campaign: Change/modify your Campaign Name
  • Description/Notes: Add notes to communicate with your Team or just to remember your settings/targets
  • Flow: Each Campaign can have a unique/custom flow but you will always have the ability to modify its whole flow by attaching a new template one.
  • Distribution: Change or NOT our default algorithm to rotate offers differently. Ask your AM for more details.
  • Bot Control: Set our Bot control to catch all bot traffic, stay safe. In addition, you might want to use our BreakIframe tool. Ask your AM for more details.
  • Publisher Payout: Set up your new margin to notify conversions to your Affiliate or Traffic Source. This option is to Buy CPA/CPI/CPL etc..(Performance) traffic instead of CPM/CPC.
  • Cost Range: A new security to block those “hack” subids/placementids etc.. that will probably send you fake visits with a way higher bid, messing your stats. Example: If you are paying 8$ CPM, any visit higher than 8$ CPM — won't pass through LandingTrack so you should set up: 0.008 as you will be paying that amount per click.


Get Campaign URL

Copy Full Campaign Name, ie: Dimension 5deb8b3724dbc57a8b051d92 and and CAmpaign URL

Button Sync

Set your Optimization Rules




If you did not add a Template Flow (Profile >button Edit), you can always build your custom one per Campaign.



  1. Bulk: Select the one you would like to block by clicking on the> Tick the box next to the status columm and then click on > ActionsBlock or Unblock.
  2. Individually: On the Status column, click on the name > Active and Block. We can guarantee that your source was blocked
Easy to block, no need to login into PropellerAds Account to do so.


Hours TAB





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