LandingTrack — Creating a Dimension

¿What is a Dimension? I guess you will be asking yourself.

It is basically a campaign, a TAG that can contain one single offer or one thousand offers.

The possibility for you to create your Own Smartlink; Knowing that we have 3 different algorithms, the rest will be on your side selecting the right offers.

There are three different ways to create a Dimension:

  1. From Menu side > Offers
  2. From Menu side >Dimension
  3. From Menu side > Flow

1- Creating Dimensions from Menu side > Offers

Now that we have added all the offers on previous episodes to our Offers Menu, we should create a Dimension (Campaign) in order to get traffic.

On offers Menu simply tick the one/s you would lie to add into your Dimension and the click on button Actions selecting > “Create Dimension

As soon as you created you will be landing into its Profile:

Get all the information about Dimensions here > click

2-Creating a Dimension from Menu side >Dimension

On Dimension click on the button > New Dimension.

You will be redirected to our Dimension creator.

First, we will recommend you to click on the pencil right bellow the bucket to add your Campaign Name, at the same time you will see displayed all your offers with the name and status (right side), click on the left arrow button to add them to your Dimension.

As you can see, now we have added two offer on our dimension and if we like to add more we just need to click on the left arrow next to the offer “Play Sweeptakes US_cpa”

3-Creating a Dimension from Menu side > Flow

Now that we know or at least we saw how to create a Flow

— Creating your Flows.

is time to take advantage of that. The same process as we saw before.

Click on the Menu side > Flow. Select the one you want by clicking on the checkbox on the left side and then click on > Actions.

Remember that creating a Dimension from a Template flow will inherit the whole structure of the redirections you have created.

Those are the three different ways to create a Dimension, just choose your convenient one, and let’s get started.

— Dimension Overview.

— END —

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