LandingTrack — Control your CTR and ROI

Is CTR that important for your Campaigns?

As always it depends but overall it is indeed. As soon as you know your average CTR per image/banner/creative you will know already when a source/website is giving you what you need — the right interaction with your ad

That is why we have come up with the following rule: LP CLICKS.

We can be pretty sure that we will not waste money on those sources/websites that are not giving us the CTR we expect.

So once we have removed all those low CTR sites… what if we combine it with a rule with conversions?

This way we will be blocking those with no conversion and CTR below 4%.

How is ROI affecting your Activity?

Return of Investment rule will clearly help you to forget even more about those nonprofit sources.

With a combination with the rules below:

First, we will clean those sources/websites that cannot bring more than 4% to our prelanding.

Right after then we will focus on those with a higher CTR but making conversions if there’s no conversion/lead we will block it.

And finally will focus only on those that will keep our ROI above 15%. With this rule, we will block whatever is not bringing ROI higher than 15%

ROI= (Cost of Investment — Current Value of Investment) / Cost of Investment​​

For example, suppose you spent $50 on a specific source and got back $100 so : (100–50) / 50 = 1 x 100 = 100% ROI y → your benefit is $50

Rules can be tricky at the beginning but the sooner you start applying it you will feel more comfortable, you will notice how our bots are executing your orders like a clock.

Again, automation is the key for any affiliate marketer, play/set your rules wisely so you will not check your optimization that often, instead focus on creating new images/creativities and analyze the data.

— Campaign Optimization Rules.

— END —

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— Working with several platforms? This is your tool!!




One Platform, One Solution. The New Generation AI-Tracking System for media buying.

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One Platform, One Solution. The New Generation AI-Tracking System for media buying.

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