AdRight & LandingTrack. Start automating your Campaigns.

STEP 1 — Adding AdRight as Traffic Source

Click on Check API to sync both Accounts.
  • source={pubfeed}.{original_subid} — Publisher Feed ID & Source subid (those are the ones need it in order to track the siteid)
  • bid={bid} — The cost of the visit (how much you pay for a click)
  • pid={conversion} — The unique ID used for conversion tracking
  • cmp={campaign} — Campaign ID, as registered in their system
  • keyword={keyword} — Keyword matched on campaign

1.1 — Adding some Extra Tokens:

  1. {aa} — Required for Event Tracking
  2. {banner} — Ad ID
  3. {carrier} — Visitor’s ISP
  4. {city} — Visitor’s city
  5. {country} — Two-letter visitor’s country (ISO 3166–2)
  6. {ga} — Required for Google Analytics statistics
  7. {offer} — Offer ID
  8. {os} — Operation system
  9. {pubpoint} — Publisher point id
  10. {pubzone} — Publisher zone id
  11. {query} — Keyword sent by publisher
  12. {referrer} — Referrer URL (urlencoded)
  13. {referrer_domain} — Referrer domain
  14. {remfeed} — Remote Feed ID
  15. {search_referrer_domain} — Search referrer domain
  16. {state} — Visitor’s state
  17. {subid} — Publisher Feed subID
  18. {zip} — Visitor’s postal code (if available)
Adding Extra Tokens for your URL’s, do not forget to save after adding them.

1.2 — Postback (Optional):

Copy/Paste this postback into your LandingTrack Account:{{PID}}&count=1&value=1
  1. id — Current goal Id

STEP 2 — Creating a campaign (Dimension) on LandingTrack

Dimension: Configuration Options:

Dimension: Traffic Sources Section:

Get Campaign URL:

Optimization Rules:

Getting the URL for AdRight

MANDATORY: the FULL Name and URL we provide to you and paste them on AdRight Campaign fields.

STEP 3— Creating a campaign on AdRight

  • Push Notification.
  • Pop.
  • CPC
  1. Pop & Push
Do not forget to add the name and URL we provide you with.
Copy the ID of your campaign
Sync AdRight Campaign ID with your Dimension




One Platform, One Solution. The New Generation AI-Tracking System for media buying.

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One Platform, One Solution. The New Generation AI-Tracking System for media buying.

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