LandingTrack — Adding your Domain with NameCheap and propagation DNS

Although we do not recommend you to use Namecheap, we fully understand that you are working with them so, let’s have a look how to propagate your DNS with Namecheap so you will be able to enjoy LandingTrack

1- Step 1: Log in to your Namecheap Account

On your Dashboard click on the button > MANAGE for the domain you would like to change your DNS.

You will land right on your Domain profile, simply click on> Advance DNS

Although the panel is a bit confusing, just follow our steps.

For the section: HOST RECORDS click on > ADD NEW RECORD, follow the steps above and finally click on > SAVE ALL CHANGES.

1- Click on > ADD NEW RECORD and select from the dropdown the option: A RECORD.

2- For the HOST field write: @

3- For the VALUE field write your LandingTracks IP that we provide you with.

And finally, remove the CNAME Record part:

And that’ s all :) — now wait because Namecheap takes up to 24–48hours to propagate your DNS… once they have finished you can check on LandingTrack the status by clicking on the menu side > Settings > TAB Domains.

Then to check if you have your https certificate when it will expire etc.. and also yo check if DNS were fully propagated click on button > Edit

That would be all, just keep reading us to find out what Automation can get your campaigns to the next level.


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