LandingTrack — Adding your Domain with NameCheap and propagation DNS

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Although we do not recommend you to use Namecheap, we fully understand that you are working with them so, let’s have a look how to propagate your DNS with Namecheap so you will be able to enjoy LandingTrack

1- Step 1: Log in to your Namecheap Account

On your Dashboard click on the button > MANAGE for the domain you would like to change your DNS.

You will land right on your Domain profile, simply click on> Advance DNS

Although the panel is a bit confusing, just follow our steps.

For the section: HOST RECORDS click on > ADD NEW RECORD, follow the steps above and finally click on > SAVE ALL CHANGES.

1- Click on > ADD NEW RECORD and select from the dropdown the option: A RECORD.

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2- For the HOST field write: @

3- For the VALUE field write your LandingTracks IP that we provide you with.

And finally, remove the CNAME Record part:

And that’ s all :) — now wait because Namecheap takes up to 24–48hours to propagate your DNS… once they have finished you can check on LandingTrack the status by clicking on the menu side > Settings > TAB Domains.

This is an Example as each user will have a different IP address for its server.

Then to check if you have your https certificate when it will expire etc.. and also yo check if DNS were fully propagated click on button > Edit

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That would be all, just keep reading us to find out what Automation can get your campaigns to the next level.


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