LandingTrack — Adding your Domain with GoDaddy

In this episode, we will explain to you how to get started with us and complete the first step: Getting your own domain and DNS propagation.

We strongly recommend you to use one of the following services as their redirection are pretty fast, and everything will work almost immediately

We do not recommend you to use Namecheap but we understand is the one you use:

. NameCheap

Go to and choose/buy the domain you would like to have and run your offers with.


As soon as you have your new/old domain register we should go to your Account details and look for the domain we would like to run the offers:

Since you are already Login with your Godaddy Account go to your section: My Products.

Find the domain you would like to work with and click on the button: DNS

You will see once you click on DNS the following view:

Click on the Pencil to edit your Value field.

Write the new IP address that was provided to you with your LandingTrack Account into the field: Points to and SAVE.

In case you do not know where it is, go to Menu side > Settings the TAB Domains

Once you have saved your IP on Godaddy, go back to your LandingTrack Account > Menu side > Settings > TAB Domains and click on > +Create Domain. Simply add your domain in the field and save.

Add your domain and Save — probably we will have to wait till DNS finish the propagation

Now Godaddy should take from 20 to 30 min to finish the propagation, our advice, keep reading us or just go to grab a coffee

Did you finish your Coffee? Let's check if we have the green check, click on > Settings then on > Domains


this will mean that Godaddy has finished the propagation and you are good to pull URLs out from LandingTrack.

— END —

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