Integrate New Traffic Sources, Affiliates,Publishers or Template DSPs

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Lets quickly integrate your New Affiliate -Publisher into LandingTrack by clicking on the menu > Traffic Source and selecting the button> +Connect new Source> then select Custom and write the name of your Affiliate -Publisher.

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Click on Create button once you finished.

You will see your New Affiliate -Publisher in your panel:

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Click on button Edit to change its configuration

I am sure you know what is missing here already, does it rings you the bell: Parameters = Tokens and the Postback? so…Let’s set up the Parameters for the URL and the postback to notify them each conversion:

1.1 Parameters and Tokens:

¡IMPORTANT! is to add to your Campaign URL the following LandingTrack Parameters:



  • “pid”=is the clickid Parameter of LandingTrack
  • “source”= is the sourceid Parameter of LandingTrack
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Once is written click on the button > + to add the Token, once you have finished, Save.

Most common integration: pid={clickid}&source={subid}

1.2 Adding your Affiliate — Publisher Postback

LandingTrack Tokens replacing your Affiliate — Publisher ones:

{{PID}} — replacing the Affiliates {clickid} Token

{{PAYOUT}} — replacing the Affiliates {payout} Token

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Right now we will pay to our Affiliate / Traffic Source — 60% of the payout.

Payout Modifier: this section will affect your Affiliate — Publisher on a global level for all the offers they are running with you. If you want to pay full amount just move the bar till reaching 100% and Save.

Summary of Postbacks:

Example: This is how you should set it up:{{PID}}&payout={{PAYOUT}}


1- The Parameter is a fixed value that will never change.

2- The Tokens is 80% of the times a dynamic value that will be changing every time once the click is generated.

Affiliate — Publisher Tokens: “{clickid}” and “{payout}” this must be changed by LandingTrack ones.

{clickid} by {{PID}} — Your LandingTrack clickid

{payout} by {{PAYOUT}} — Your LandingTrack payout

¿Do you want to notify Post_Events to your Affiliate Source/Network?

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Save and we just fully added our new Affiliate / Traffic Source.

— Creating a Dimension.

— END —

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