How to Transfer your Campaign to LandingTrack

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As many of you are wondering, when we have to change our tracking system we need to move all our existing activity to our new tracking system but, LandingTrack is not just a single Tracking Platform.

Forget about replacing URL's or even changing Campaigns Name, this process we will be showing to you how to start fresh and clean.

Let's assume you are running with any of the following DSP we have integration with on LandingTrack:


PropellerAds — ExoClick — ZeroPark — PopCash — PopAds — SelfAdvertiser — RTXPlatform — TONIC— TrafficStars — PlugRush — ActiveRevenue — Ad Maven — Yeesshh — Ezmob — AdrRight — ExplorAds


MGID — AdsKeeper — OUTBRAIN — RUNative — Taboola

At the moment of doing the integration with LandingTrack, you will see all your existing Campaign on LandingTrack side:

A few examples: This is how it looks when you are really integrated

1- Green check

2- Time of the last Sync with the DSP

By clicking on the DSP name — fir this example: PropellerAds — Zeropark or PopCash, you will get into “your Account” o you will be able to see all your existing campaigns, let's have a look.

Syn with PropellerAds Account — in case you do not see any Campaign it can mean 2 things

1- You do not have campaigns :) — so what are you waiting for?

2- You just need to force LandingTrack to call PropellerAds API to get them — how? simple — click on the button > Refresh

For this example — our lovely friend does not have any Campaign from LandingTrack with PropellerAds

Sync with Zeropark Account

2 Dimensions that belong to LandingTrack — now you have full control of that Traffic.

Sync with PopCash Account

Bingo¡¡ apparently all campaign running with PopCash belongs to LandingTRack ;)

So now it comes the part of cloning Campaign on the DSP side and adds LandingTrack Campaign Name and Campaign URL. Letś have a look at PropellerAds how it should be:

Log in into your PropellerAds Account and go directly to your Campaign list. Let's assume that the Campaign US- Sweeps — Tes is the one you would like to start running on LandingTrack

Before doing anything on LandingTrack we HIGHLY recommend you to start cloning/duplicating all your existing Campaigns for each DSP listed above. ALL OF THEM.

Duplicate the Campaign you would like to start running with LandingTrack

Once you have finished this operation we can start creating a Dimension

Campaigns on LandingTracksee how

After Creating the dimension let's get back to PropellerAds and click on the duplicate Campaign in order to change:

Let change a couple of things from our New Campaign

1- Campaign Name

2- Campaign URL

Did you forget where to get Campaign Name and Campaign URL on LandingTrack?

Once you have finished the setup and replacing Campaign and Campaign URL then SAVE and START

Finally, we just need to SYN our new PropellerAds Campaign with our DImension, in order to do that with PropellerAds, copy the Campaign ID name and go back to your DImension Profile > Traffic SOurces section > button > SYNC

Select the Traffic SOurce DSP and Paste the Campaign ID to sync

Felicidades¡ Congrats¡ Well done now you can chill, this new Campaign now belong to LandingTrack

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