How to create your own Smartlink — Monetize Remanent traffic or Untargeted clicks

As we all know, monetizing is the key to Affiliate Marketing, the more options you have the easy will become to monetize your clicks.

On LandingTrack we have the only solution for that, due to our background on the business we have outfitted the platform with a unique core and capabilities that you will not found anywhere.

How can you monetize your remanent traffic?

How can you monetize your untargeted clicks?

How to test several offers at the same time?

Let’s talk about numbers first. Right now LandingTrack is capable to process 6.000 users per second (Server load of 2.1), which makes 36.000 users per minute and this obviously will make: 259.200.000 clicks a day.

We will recommend you to create first a TEMPLATE FLOW → This will allow you to create Dimensions with the same structure and give it to different affiliates.

After adding the name we just need to click in it to access it’s profile so we can start building our Smartlink.

This is the view from Flow menu, let’s start by clicking on Create New Path and select from the right of your screen after adding your name, the offers we would like to add into the path.

Once you have selected them we should start adding our filters, we can filter traffic base on many different parameters, check the image below.

How does a flow work?

Basically like a waterfall. All traffic will go to the highest weight per path. The more filters you have on the path a higher weight will need.

We just need to select Android as our OS and then the United State as the country and Save.

And finally, we just click on the “disable status” to make this path enable. What will happen next?

As soon as we start getting clicks from ANDROID — US →Will rotate among the offers we have added on this path.

Hold on! we have to add also the following countries: CA — UK — AU on this template Flow. TO make things easier you can click on button Actions and duplicate the path. Then you just need to be sure you change the filers for each country, OS, Browser, etc.. you might want.

Right now all traffic coming from US — ANDROID →> Will go to it’s path meanwhile if it’s IOS will go to the second one.

There it goes! Now we have added also a path to CANADA- ANDROID. You know already what you should be doing then, keep adding more countries, more filters to narrow your competition. The technology is there and you just need to make the most of it.

US — ANDROID → Path1 (weight 100)

US — ANDROID →Path2 (weight 100)

US — ANDROID →Path3 (weight 100)

They all share the same WEIGHT as they have the same amount of filters.

Did you think this was the end?

I am sorry to disappoint you but we have even more! We are just showing the edge of the iceberg here, automation has become a MUST for any company.

We will soon release a new guide to monetize a niche properly.

— END —

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