Campaign Panel — LandingTrack

As you know already our Campaigns it is time to have a look at the automated capabilities you can perform within this panel.

You can select a Campaign by clicking on the tickbox on it’s left, once it is select then click on the button > Actions.

Pause: By selecting this Action you will pause all Campaigns attached to the Campaign.

Resumen: By selecting this Action you will Active all Campaigns attached to the Campaign.

Duplicate: By selecting this Action you will Duplicate/Clon your Campaign. Keeping all your configuration.

Archive: By selecting this Action you archived your Campaign and will not be available on your panel.

This is how actually automation works, you can easily stop all your active campaign within 2 clicks or just activate them all. As simple as that.

Next to the button Actions we have the Filters. Click on it to find out which actions you can perform.

By clicking on No set you can select a range of dates or just a single day. After that click on Apply and LandingTrack will show to you the activity for that day.

If you need to examine a specific Traffic source to know how much you have spent per Campaign or in Total, a specific day, etc.. just look for the one on the Traffic Source section.

As soon as you select a Traffic source, on the left side, you will see the Active Filters. You can add, delete new Traffic sources to your search.

But if you need to look for a specific Flow to check its performance, just select the one/S you need and LandingTrack will automatically — after saving — show you all the information.

You have also the option to search into a Campaign that contains a specific offer.

And finally, we can select by ticking the box

Old Campaign view.

Archived ones. Click on this one in case you need to bring them back to life.

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