Creating Source List to keep/save your data.

Every time you have to run a new Campaign you will be collecting new Data, Data is the most important thing when you start media buying; actually is the main goal of media buying — paying for collecting data.

Check the video at the end of the article.

On LandingTrack we have added a cool Feature for you to keep all that data, to have on your “secret box” all those Sub_ids/Zone_id/SIte_Id, etc..

You can create a Source List before or after starting to get traffic on your campaign/S. In order to do that we should go on the Menu side and click on > Source List. Right after that click on> + Create and write the name of your Source List and if its need adds a description for you or your team, then Save.

We have created a Blacklist for US_Dating and in order to add some new data we just need to click on its name

The first thing to do, add the Traffic source for this Source List.

In case you had existing data from previous activity, you can simply add it here “separated by commas”

And that would be all, you can start to upload all your source list on LandingTrack.

How about generating a new source list from the new campaign?

First, we should create a new Source List as we previously have seen before.

Once you have created your dimension

— Creating a Dimension?.

Set your optimization Rules

— Campaign Optimization Rules.

We can grab all those websites/zoneids/subids from the following section:

Dimension > Sources.

Just select those you would like to add on your Source List and click on button “Source List”

Then look for your List or just select the one you want to add those websites/subids

All those added will be available later on Menu side > Source List

Wait a Minute…

¿How can I add to a new Campaign my source List?

Pretty simple since you have now your Source List created we should just go to our Dimension Profile:

Select the button SourceList and pick the one you would like to be adding to your Campaigns. (As simple as that) This way LandingTrack will be adding sources to your Campaign.

And this is how automation makes your day easier and easier.

— END —

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