Affmy — LandingTrack Integration

Affmy is an affiliate program with Exclusive Dating offers.

We have been actively working since 2013 as a team of international media buyers. The official launch of Affmy as an affiliate network was in 2017. Right now Affmy is a partner of the most prominent players of the international Dating industry, advertisers and tech services. We’ve gained the trust of over 5900 affiliates and continue our rapid growth from quarter to quarter.

At Affmy affiliates get:

  • Exclusive and unique dating offers;
  • Over 300 direct offers for Tier 1, Europe, LATAM, CIS, Asia;
  • Dating, Gambling, Click2Call, Sweepstakes, Cams;
  • All flows available — CPL, API CPC, CPS, RevShare;
  • Full and timely payments;
  • TOP payouts: up to 8 USD;
  • Custom creatives and high-quality support

Adding Affmy on LandingTrack

Now that we are sure we will be getting all the conversions we can move on with Affmy integration. To do so, login into your LandingTrack Account and click on > Affiliate Networks > +Activate a new Network

From the list below, select affmy. In order to connect with them you need to add :

1- Your email address

2- Your API KEY (Check below where to find it)

Getting the API Key:

Although we have seen it before, just in case. Ask your AM to get you access first in case you do not see it or log in to your Affmy Account and click on >Your Affiliate ID/Name > then select Profile to see if its enable

Scroll down until you see the API KEY field

Once you have it copy your API KEY and back to LandingTrack and simply paste it on the field:

Then click on Activate and you will see the following information, just click on check API.

Once you have confirmed you should see the Green check

And that’s all.

Before starting getting/importing offers we will recommend you to set up your postback

Setting up your Postback:

No postback = No money on your tracker.

Let’s quickly check again how to get your LandingTrack postback.

On menu side > Settings, just select your domain and the Postback created will be the one to add on Affmy panel.

Back on your Affmy Account on your Profile settings, scroll down untill your reach the Postback section.

Affmy uses the following Tokens to notify your conversion:

{transactionid} — replacing your {clickid}

{sum} — replacing your {payout}

You just need to replace them and SAVE.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Upload your offer on LandingTrack

We just need to click on Affmy name to access it’s the profile:

In case you do not see offers yet this could be the reason

1- You do not have any offer approved yet > check with you Affmy AM.

2- Just click on button > Update Offers to force LandingTrack to check your approved ones.

Tick the ones you would like to import and select Actions, Import > then follow step 3 and finally Import.

All the offers will appear on your Menu side > Offers:

How do we create a campaign for our new offers?

Just tick the one/s you would like to send traffic to:

Once you click on “Create Dimension” you will be redirected to your Dimension Profile, ready to start your campaign

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