AdsKeeper & LandingTrack. Start automating your Native Campaigns.

Thinking about starting automating all your Native and Push Campaigns with LandingTrack and Adskeeper?

The power of automation between Adskeeper and LandingTrack will boost your daily activity, increase your CTR, save time and definitely money.

Automation has come to help all of us to be more efficient in our daily work. Bots are actually made to help us, to do the hard task and make our work easier. The integration between Adskeeper and LandingTrack will definitely make a difference in your Native and Push Notification Campaigns.

STEP 1 — Adding AdsKeeper as Traffic Source

Go to Traffic Source Tab and click on > +Connect new Source; from the list of options select > Integrated DPSs

Look for AdsKeeper. In order to connect with them, you will need a total of 2 fields to be filled.

1- Your AdsKeeper email for the field Users

2- Your AdsKeeper Password for the field Password

After saving LandingTrack will ask you to double-check your credentials, just Click on Check API button

Check your credentials and click on Check API button again.

Green Check¡ means we are fully Integrated with AdsKeeper but, We will suggest you add some more steps such us — URL Tokens and Outgoing Postback

Now that we are synchronized with AdsKeeper let’s have a look on > Edit button.

The following Parameters and Tokens will be provided by default for each AdsKeeper URL :

  • s={widget_id} — (the one need it in order to track the site)
  • bid={click_price} — The cost of the visit (how much you pay for a click)
  • cmp={campaign_id} — Campaign ID, as registered in their system
  • Keyword={category_id} — Category where your ad will be displayed.
  • b={teaser_id} — ID of the banner displayed.


Since you will need to add Banners no worries, this option comes later on, Once we generate the Campaign URL.

STEP 2 — Creating a campaign (Dimension) on LandingTrack

Remember you have three different ways to create a dimension.

1- From an existing Flow see how

2- From Menu Offerssee how

3- From Dimension Menu: see bellow

Click on button > New Dimension

You will be redirected to our Dimension creator.

First, we will recommend you to click on the pencil right bellow the bucket to add your Campaign Name, at the same time you will see displayed all your offers with the name and status (right side), click on the left arrow button to add them to your Dimension.

As you can see, now we have added two offer on our dimension and if we like to add more we just need to click on the left arrow next to the offer “Play Sweeptakes US_cpa”

You will be redirected to its profile:

Want to know everything About Dimensions? see full guide HERE

Dimension: Configuration Options:

See full guide HERE

Dimension: Traffic Sources Section:

See full guide HERE

Get Campaign URL:

Optimization Rules:

As you may know already, LandingTrack can optimize the traffic base on different rules, here its when automation comes into action :

— Campaign Optimization Rules.

You can always check our guide — to refresh the concept.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Getting the URL for Adskeeper

Click on button > + Get Campaign URL

Select Adskeeper as your traffic source, tick Encrypt Portal Name, and Banner Token, then select your Domain and your Traffic Segment;

Finally, copy the Campaign Name and URL we provide you with:

REMEMBER: Use the Dimension name on Adskeeper Campaign Name and LandingTrack URL for the Campaign URL.

STEP 3 — Creating a campaign on Adskeeper

Once you have log in to your Adskeeper Account click on > ADD campaign

Remember we are Advertiser for Adskeeper.

The first thing to do will be adding your Campaign name — Do not forget to copy/paste the whole name LandingTrack provide you with. IE: Dimension 5d7251….

Select your Campaign type:





And right after that your Campaign Category and Campaign Language. This will be basically where you would like to advertise your advertiser materials.

We have selected the option — Block before shown (ON) which means that after the campaign has been approved by the Adskeeper team, it will not start, instead will be paused.

Next move will be for TARGETING:

Select your country/geo where you would like to promote your advertiser materials

Adskeeper has a cool Feature here, click on button > TRAFFIC INSIGHTS to find out all the traffic and bids per geo:

Pretty useful ha? and even a quick button > ADD CAMPAIGN to target a specific country.

After filling your Targeting options click on button > CONFIRM to keep setting up your Campaign at Adskeeper.

Next step will be Schedule, you can either set it up on Adskeeper :

Or start using all the automation that LandingTrack can offer to you > OPtimization Rules:

Once you have decided when you would like to be running your Advertising materials with Adskeeper it is time to move to the following options:

1- LIMITS: set caps for your campaign base on Clicks / Budget or Conversions. But again, it is time for you to set up all those rules on LandingTRack to start working with automation.

2- TRACKING TAGS: You can set up UTM or any custom tracking tags.

2.1 UTM Tagging: Choose this in case you are using Google Analytics to track the performance
utm_content tag value is automatically filled with teaser ID
utm_term tag value is automatically filled with widget ID

2.2 Add custom tracking tag : If you need to add any custom tracking instead of Google Analytics you need to use this option:

Allowed characters: 0–9, A-Z, a-z, -, _, =, +, &, /, :, ^ . The following macros tags are also allowed: {widget_id}, {teaser_id}, {campaign_id}, {geo}, {geo_region}, {ifa}, {click_id}. {click_id}- When you use these macros, please pay attention (take into account) that click status might be reconsidered as non-relevant after the fact. If you are not sure — seek assistance

Once you have finished we should look at the next step: CONVERSION SENSOR:

This section is for you to send conversions back to Adskeeper platform so you can check your stats also with them.

This is the Postback from Adskeeper:{{PID}}&e=action350856&r={{PAYOUT}}

Just copy-paste yours, and let’s set it up on LandingTrack. Menu side click on > Traffic Sources and select Adskeeper, then click on

Easy right?

Once we have finished:

Time to create your Teaser Campaign, remember we are running Native Ads and would be needing an image, headline and body text for your advertiser material.

After clicking on button > CREATE we will have to add your LandingTrack Campaign URL, write your Teaser Title, select your category and finally upload your image.

Adskeeper has a cool Feature to crop your image, use it wisely.

Finally after adding your image and crop it, select the CPC price for all your Teaser Materials.

Congrats¡ as Adskeeper says — try to add at l east 10 teasers then, you can auto optimize them through LandingTrack; one of the main benefits of Automation.

Back to your Adskeeper Dashboard, you will see your new Campaign listed. We recommend you to COPY the campaign ID — IE: 917576 and Paste it on your Dimension > button Sync.

COPY CAMPAIGN ID — Paste on DImension LandingTrack to sync campaign.

And this is the view from our Ad (Teaser) on Adskeeper dashboard:

IMPORTANT — once you have created your campaign on Adskeeper — copy the Campaign ID and back on your Dimension profile click on button > SYNC — select Adskeeper and paste the ID. This action will make LandingTrack go and look for your Campaign.

Our New Banners TAB — in action: control all your Adskeeper Teaser from here, block or unblock them.

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